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Are The COVID-19 Books Being COOKED?

Inaccuracies in infection and death rates are obvious.

The virus from Wuhan, China known as COVID-19 or the non-specific term “coronavirus” has ravaged the globe. Hundreds of thousands of people have been infected, many have died, and economies have come to screeching halt to “slow the spread” of the virus. To what extent the virus has had an effect is not quite known due to the obvious inaccuracy of infection and death numbers.

How can it be possible for the United States to lead the world with over 690,000 reported cases of COVID? The next highest number belongs to Italy with nearly 190,000 cases. That might make sense because, after all, Italy is much smaller in both population and size than the United States.

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Numbers get tricky when one starts to look at countries that should have a very high infection rate and death rate. China being the obvious oddball here. The communist nation are reported to only have 88,000 infected and 4,500 dead. This is simply preposterous. China is a nation with 1.3 billion people and the epicenter of the virus, Wuhan, has a city population of 20 million with a metro of 50 million. That area is larger than the states California and Virginia combined.

China recently “revised” the number of deaths in Wuhan from the virus up by 50%. That is an insane margin of error. And it is most likely many times higher than now reported.

High numbers of reported virus cases in the United States appear to be tied to money. For each virus patient admitted to a hospital, Medicare pays out $13,000. If a person is admitted to the hospital, with the virus (allegedly), and is placed on a ventilator, a hospital may fetch up to $39,000 for them.

Several Americans have reported that they were diagnosed with COVID-19 without symptoms and without being tested.

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Michigan, Virginia, Minnesota, and other states are now staging protests around the nation in an effort to end Government shutdowns of their economies. People are no longer buying the lies and fear that mainstream media and politicians are selling.

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