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Chris Cuomo AND Elon Musk Both Hate CNN!

The CNN anchor and Tesla CEO Appear To Have SERIOUS Issues With The Network

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo appear to have something in common. They both don’t like CNN too much. Maybe they actually both HATE CNN. Which is a little odd, at least for Cuomo, since he is currently an anchor on the much-maligned cable news network.

Chris Cuomo appeared on a podcast/radio show recently and vented about a few things going on in his world. One thing he mentioned took the media world by storm. Cuomo revealed the fact that he does not like what he does for a living. He also said that he likes the podcast/radio show format where he can come speak to the guys and basically … be free. CNN is much more structured and all about ratings. So he may not like to have to play that game very often, if at all.

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Now of course, he recanted his statement soon after the audio clip of the podcast hit media with a negative reaction. Cuomo even gave Jeff Zucker a shoutout, a positive wink and nod type deal.

Elon Musk is cut from a different cloth and does not play the politically correct game.

CNN published a story alleging that the 1,000 ventilators promised to California by Elon Musk and Tesla did not reach their final destination. Musk quickly hopped on Twitter to refute the story, saying that he’s surprised that CNN still exists. He also provided screenshots of emails and social media status updates to prove that he did, in fact, send over the ventilators as promised.

At a certain point, one must point out the obvious. CNN consistently publishes either fake information or misleading information. Things that are written in a way to deceive the reader and/or viewer. When they get called out on it, they rarely issue a proper retraction. Maybe there is a retraction published deep into the online space or far away into TV land. Not much more than that though.

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