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TRUMP: Liberate Virginia, Minnesota, and Michigan!

President Trump's tweets in favor of states in protest drew the ire of mainstream media and leftist politicians alike

President Trump tweeted “LIBERATE” Virginia, Minnesota, and Michigan in support of protesters. For a little backstory, all of the United States are attempting to “slow the spread” of COVID-19 in different ways. Federal Government issues guidelines including “social distancing” (among others) and states are tasked with implementing said guidelines how they see fit. That could come in the form of mandatory quarantine, curfew, business closures, and more.

Some states have taken it a step too far, though. Michigan allows their residents to visit stores with food like Wal-Mart. But Michigan won’t allow them to purchase certain items that are labeled non-essential. Like seeds to plant flowers. Residents of other states have reported that they can’t even visit their neighbors or their children. In California, a paddle-boarder was arrested in the middle of the water with no one around him.

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Obviously, these rules are getting out of control. Then there are state legislatures simply taking advantage of a crisis for their own gain. Ralph Northam, Virginia’s Governor, passed a few bills during the pandemic that have nothing to do with “slowing the spread.” He passed extreme bills in favor of abortion, gun control, and gender identity.

COVID-19 is a real thing, but at what point does the cure become worse than the illness? At what point do Americans grow tired of all the political games surrounding it? Citizens are ready to get back to work and back to life. They want to visit beaches again. And the movies. And somewhere else outside of their homes where they have been locked up sans crime committed. But most importantly, they want to LIBERATE themselves from the madness of draconian rules set in place by power-hungry Governors and Mayors.

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