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“Arthur” Goes WOKE And Echoes BLM!

The children’s cartoon called “Arthur” joined in on the “woke” circus and echoed Black Lives Matter (BLM) talking points by adopting a George Floyd storyline into an episode of the show. “Arthur” is a children’s show for kids between the ages of 4 to 8. Topics like police brutality and BLM shouldn’t be tackled on “Arthur.” But then again, “Arthur” did tackle the issue of gay marriage in 2019. So the woke direction they’ve gone down unfortunately nothing new.

Altered Reality

All of the characters on “Arthur” are depicted as animals. The main character, Arthur, is a kid depicted as an Aardvark. Arthur’s friend, Buster Baxter, was also in the episode in question. Buster is depicted as a bunny rabbit. Since there are no human characters on the show, then it simply does not make sense for the human race to be mentioned at all. But then again, it does make sense once one zooms out and gains the bigger picture.

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“Arthur” is not new to the realm of “woke” content. Last year, episode of “Arthur” centered around not only a gay wedding, but some of the romance that led up to it. Kids were confused about their male teacher marrying another male. It was off-putting and downright strange, but not surprising if viewed through the lens of woke culture. In another episode, a witch moved into Arthur’s neighborhood.

Early Indoctrination

The culturally provocative themes that “Arthur” will occasionally explore are far too complex for very young minds to understand properly. Context, nuance, and discernment are skills that people learn with time. There’s no way that a child has any of the aforementioned skills. They simply do not have enough time to experience and develop those skills.

“Arthur” bills itself as an educational show, akin to Sesame Street but instead of dealing with scholastic academics, they deal more with socialization. The reality of 2020 in Academia is that “education” is synonymous with “indoctrination.”

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  1. Thank you for bringing this to light. I agree that children should not be indoctrinated into the racism narrative, especially at such a young age. Let them learn to appreciate differences, teach them to not be racists.

  2. Ridiculous just utterly ridiculous really pathetic and people online reviews praising it❗can’t take it someone release the Zombie Apocalypse virus

  3. My daughters loved Arthur growing up and we had quite a collection of the books…. story time was so much fun! All I can say is thank goodness they are grown. So tired of the SJW crap!!

  4. Kids generally have no problem with acceptance and do not display racist tendencies. Hence they need no filter to exposed through. Methinks this is much more telling about the adults making the show I.e. they are working through their issues.

  5. Wow! Completely absurd but unfortunately not surprising either. It is quite disgusting how kids are being dragged into this now.
    Keep up the great work ABL. I always enjoy reading your articles and watching your videos (especially the livestreams!).

    Trump 2020🇺🇸


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