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Oprah Pushes “Wokeness” And The Idea of White Privilege!

Oprah Winfrey has pushed into a niche area of content by pushing the idea of white privilege on her new show entitled “The Oprah Winfrey Conversation” available exclusively on Apple TV+. Oprah does own an entire TV network called “OWN” aka The Oprah Winfrey Network (no pun intended). For some reason, her new show won’t be on OWN. Ironically, the target audience from Oprah’s early daytime talk show days is the same for her new “woke” content. And that audience consists mostly of white women.

White Liberal Tribunal

Episode one of the show starts off right away with Oprah and former NFL player Emmanuel Acho essentially… confronting white liberal guests about the sin of “whiteness.” Oprah is on camera in an all-white room (the irony keeps on mounting up) and the guests, including Acho, are remote-conferencing in white rooms of their own. The trailer for the show displays various white people in different stages of visible agony shown on their faces.

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Oprah made an interesting, but not necessarily shocking, statement throughout the white-guilt-a-thon. She said that no matter how low on the rung of society that a white person is, they always have the advantage of being white. A white female guest on on the show echoed her sentiment. The shock value in the statement comes wrapped up in yet another layer of irony.

Irony Overload

If the objective of the show is to attack white people and whiteness, why give white Americans so much praise at the same time? Similar arguments were made by slavers to keep slavery alive back in the early 1800s in America. Slavers were notorious for saying that blacks will always be in a subservient position to whites and nothing should, or could, change that. The lowest of the low white person could keep his chin up high knowing that he would never be lower than a black person. How is that any different than what Oprah said?

Hypocrisy Isn’t A Thing Anymore

Oprah’s audience has always consisted of mostly white women. Early on in Oprah’s daytime talk show days, the white stay-at-home mom was the core of her base. Fast-forward to 2020, “wokeness” and “white guilt” have run amok. Oprah has simply shifted her content and updated it for the very same audience she’s always had that made her a billionaire.

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For Oprah to attack the very same audience that made her wealthy beyond most humans on Earth is hypocritical of course, but that’s not even the point. It’s all about money.

Oprah owns the network “OWN” but the “Oprah Conversation” show is an Apple TV+ exclusive. Why? There was probably a big bag of money dropped into Oprah’s lap to make that happen. She also has something to occupy her time during the scamdemic so it works out fairly well for her. Not so well for those of us that must deal with the consequences of dangerous rhetoric from radicalized white liberals rioting in random cities with Black Lives Matter signs.


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