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Atlanta Mass Shooting Largely Ignored By Mainstream Media

Raissa Kengne, a 34-year-old Cameroonian woman, shot three people in Midtown Atlanta over two separate disputes. The mass shooting was actually separated into two incidents. The first happened at the Condo building where Kengne lived, 1280 West (Peachtree) in Midtown Atlanta. The first person to be shot was the property manager at the building. He eventually died. Another person was shot presumably at the same location. This person was an in-house technician. As of the writing of this article, he is in stable condition. Kengne shot another person who was connected to her former employer in a nearby location. This person later died of his injuries.

There are a series of interconnected cameras in Midtown Atlanta and all throughout the city. Sort of like a network. These cameras caught and followed Kengne to identify her as a person of interest almost immediately after the first shooting. A picture was released to the media which showed her dragging a wheeled suitcase and wearing a striped black and white shirt with blue denim jeans. She was caught wearing the exact same outfit and bag all the way at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. This is easily a 20-minute drive and at least 30 minutes on the MARTA train which is what authorities believe she may have taken to get there. Upon her arrest, it was discovered that Kengne had a probable murder weapon on her person.

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Raissa Kengne had written extensive and rambling posts about one of her murder victims on LinkedIn. She was disgruntled about her former employer and lobbed heavy allegations at them. Kengne says that they retaliated against her by breaking into her home and then spoofing her phone, among other things. Then there was the allegation against 1280 West of not providing enough security because her condo unit was constantly broken into. She complained to the police and recorded at least one of the interactions at a police station. The police explained to her that there was no evidence of a burglary at her home so the designation of “noncrime” could not be removed from the police report. This did not sit well with Kengne and it was clear that listening was not her strong suit. This is a pattern that carried out all the way until after the shooting and into the courtroom.


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