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Australian Government Forced To Admit Why Gender Pay Gaps Exist

A video is currently circulating on social media that shows a Senate Finance Committee hearing in Australia due to gender pay gaps. This is a topic often breached by feminists who attempt to say that differences between male and female take-home pay are some discriminatory issues. The reality is that any “gap” between male and female pay is usually explained by the men working more than the women. The Senate Hearing quickly devolved into a simple math lesson once the issue of hourly pay vs. time spent working was discussed. The Workplace Gender Equality Agency tried its hardest to convince one of the Senators of the discriminatory nature of gender pay gaps, but he was not moved.


End Wokeness on X: “Gov officials are asked about their own statistics showing a gender pay gap in Australia. They end up being forced to admit that the entire gap could be explained with the fact that women work less hours than men. Absolutely brutal takedown.” / X

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