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State Senator Twerks On TikTok For Votes

Rhode Island State Democratic Senator Tiara Mack released a video on TikTok of herself twerking while in a handstand to gain votes for her upcoming election. The clip is very short but features Mack in a two-piece bikini on a beach. She got into a handstand position with her head literally in the sand and then proceeded to twerk. At the end of the video, she says “vote Tiara Mack”.

The backlash to this video was, of course, nearly immediate. People weren’t necessarily upset that she would twerk on TikTok. That seems to be a common occurrence. The issue is that she is a sitting State Senator. The video was posted on purpose, as part of a reelection campaign, and not some sort of leak or accidental posting. Instead of apologizing or backing down, Tiara Mack decided to double down. She re-posted several negative replies to her original twerking video and responded to them. She dismissed any allegations of setting the (black) race back or objectifying herself. She stated that her constituents like the fact that she is fun and not a robot.


a promised senator thirst trap at Block Island 😈

♬ original sound – Senator Tiara Mack
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Mack appears confident that the video will only help her reelection efforts and not stifle them. Considering that she is a Democrat in a blue state, she probably isn’t too far off of the mark when it comes to how her constituents will receive the video. The impact she had on women, young people, and minorities in the United States is a different ball of wax altogether.


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  1. Love the video still of your face ABL. My exact reaction when I first saw this. Disgusting with a capital D. Delusional with a capital D. Not to mention anti-white racist AF. This halfwit has absolutely no business holding a public position of authority in any capacity save garbage lady. Gross.

  2. Hideous. And just look at her inner thigh and that nasty rash going on. Seriously vomit inducing. This “lady’ has zero class and zero intelligence, the last place she needs to be is in a govt. position of authority which the public is relying on to make life more economically sound, safer and better for us all. Anybody who votes for this trash has an agenda or is just plain dumb AF.


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