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Barack Obama Attacks Trump Over Virus Efforts!

Obama spoke to a group of his former staffers during a web conference for the Obama Alumni Association. The purpose of the call was the galvanize them in an effort to support the presumptive Democratic nominee – Joe Biden. Someone with access to the web conference recorded audio from it and presumably gave it to Yahoo News.

The first audio recording featured Obama speaking about Michael Flynn. Obama disapproved of the DOJ dropping prosecution against the former National Security Advisor. He went on to say that there is no precedent for a case of perjury to result in the person getting off scot-free. Another takeaway from this portion of the web conference is Obama’s quote “the rule of law is at risk” when referring to Flynn’s case.

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The elephant in the room is obviously coronavirus. There’s no way Obama could speak to a group of people through a web conference, and not in person, and somehow neglect that topic. Obama did say the situation would be bad under any government. But, ultimately, Trump received the blame for the state of the country in relation to virus relief.

It’s not clear what Obama wants Trump and the current administration to do better as it relates to the virus.

If Hillary Clinton were in office instead of Trump, then the situation would most certainly be worse. The World Health Organization as lauded as infallible experts who can do no wrong. Every opinion they give on a thing is correct and no one should challenge them. At least, that’s the general vibe that mainstream media and other authority figures exude. The problem is that the WHO has been proven wrong over and over again. They were wrong when they said the virus does not transmit from person to person. They were wrong again when they discouraged travel bans from China.

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A random person walking in on Obama’s web conference would think it was a virtual campaign rally for Joe Biden. There is no apparent reason for a person to “leak” audio from the talk. Maybe the audio was leaked… intentionally! Gasp! That could be viewed as a tin-foil hat conclusion, but it makes perfect sense. Why not make the call appear to be something you shouldn’t hear to incite curiosity. If it hits the internet as a thing people shouldn’t have, for free, people may tend to share it more than normally acquired information.

Joe Biden’s campaign is in financial dire straits. Nearly every prominent person in the Democratic Party has pushed all of their chips to the center of the table for Joe. Obama just the latest one. (Allegedly) staging “leaked” phone calls just to get a handful of attention, literally and figuratively.

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