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Ben & Jerry’s Called Out After Saying “Stolen” Land Should Be Returned To Natives

Ben & Jerry’s says that the United States was built on stolen indigenous land and that it should be returned. The iconic ice cream company made this statement on July 4th across social media platforms and its own website. This was an obvious response to Independence Day. There are groups of people across the nation who refuse to celebrate July 4th because of the subjugation of native and black Americans. There is just one small problem with Ben & Jerry’s message. Their own headquarters sits on “stolen” land in Vermont. Shortly after their social media post, a Native tribe with historic roots in that area of Vermont called for the ice cream giant to return the land to them. Ben & Jerry’s has yet to respond.


Ben & Jerry’s HQ is on Native American land: Vermont chief

Vermont Native American chief says Ben & Jerry’s headquarters on ‘stolen’ land | Fox Business

Native American chief says Ben & Jerry’s should hand back ‘stolen land’ that its HQ stands on  | Daily Mail Online

Indigenous Chief Wants To Take Back Ben & Jerry’s HQ Built on ‘Stolen’ Land

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