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“The Sound Of Freedom” Movie Attacked By Mainstream Media

Mainstream media have been attacking the anti-child trafficking movie “The Sound of Freedom” as conspiracy bait. The film stars Jim Caviezel, who may be best known for playing Jesus in “Passion of the Christ”, directed by Mel Gibson. Mainstream media have linked Caviezel to the “far right” due to his popularity among conservative circles. He has given speeches and made appearances at events that the media link to “QAnon.” The media has essentially labeled Jim Caviezel as a tinfoil hat-wearer, therefore painting anything he does with the same broad brush. The Rolling Stone said the movie is “designed to appeal to the conscience of a conspiracy-addled boomer.”

The criticism of “The Sound of Freedom” is perplexing, considering the polar-opposite movie “Cuties” was given a lot of praise by the same media. “Cuties” is a French movie that became highly controversial a few years back because of its trailer. The trailer featured very young girls “twerking” in inappropriate outfits. Netflix, the host of “Cuties”, received a ton of backlash in the form of subscriber loss over the movie. Unlike “The Sound of Freedom”, “Cuties” essentially glorified child exploitation. The same media outlets criticizing the former gave endless praise and defense of the latter. This dynamic gives rise to the obvious question… what agenda are the media trying to push over the other?

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