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US Supreme Court Supports Texas Ban On Abortions Past Six Weeks

The US Supreme Court has refused to block the Texas anti-abortion “Heartbeat Bill” from becoming law. This law bans abortions beyond six weeks of pregnancy when heartbeats are typically detected in developing babies. The court voted in a 5-4 decision with all conservative justices (aside from Chief Justice John Roberts) voting in favor of the law. Several pro-abortion groups attempted to get this law blocked due to the implications it could have on Roe V. Wade. Although Roe is a decision and not a law, it is often viewed as a de facto law that protects abortion rights.

Any decision from the Supreme Court in relation to state law does not create federal legislation. So this law only applies to Texas. It is simply supported by the US Supreme Court. It is possible for the law to be overturned at one point because, again, there is no federal law set here. However, federal law could be set on the issue of abortion. But that would be a much longer and more difficult process that may require a constitutional amendment.

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Anti-abortion laws like the one in Texas send chills up the spines of abortion activists. They see the proverbial writing on the wall. If more and more states begin to join together in an anti-abortion effort, then there is only a matter of time before Roe V. Wade becomes a meaningless decision. Planned Parenthood, for instance, stands to lose quite a bit of money since their primary operation is obviously as an abortion mill. And maybe that’s a good thing.


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