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Black Chicago Citizens Revolt Against The Mayor Over Millions In Migrant Spending

Black Chicago citizens are revolting against Mayor Brandon Johnson over the millions of dollars being diverted to care for migrants. $70 million has been requested and approved to feed migrants in the Windy City. This is in addition to the $150 million already spent on migrants in 2024. At this pace, Chicago will spend one billion dollars on migrants this year. There have already been hundreds of millions spent on the crisis since the first buses and airplanes began arriving shortly after Joe Biden came into office.

Law-abiding, tax-paying Chicago residents showed up at City Council meetings and other venues to express their frustrations with the policy of spending tax dollars on migrants. Several black Chicagoans showed up wearing MAGA hats and other political attire. They expressed their desire to remove the Mayor by way of recall due to the neglect of citizens in favor of illegal aliens.

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