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Google Fires 28 Employees Over Protest Of $1.2 Billion Israel Contract

Google has fired 28 employees linked to sit-in protests of a $1.2 billion contract with Israel. Law enforcement was called to remove some of these individuals as they had occupied offices and other spaces where they were not allowed. News media has run with headlines that imply the reason these staffers were fired is simply because of their anti-Israel sentiment, alluding to anti-semitism. That is not necessarily the case. The employees, many of whom represent a group called “No Tech For Apartheid,” were on the clock and at their jobs while protesting and not working. This, obviously, is an issue for productivity, and if allowed, an incorrect message is sent. Freedom of speech and the right to protest is one thing, but doing so on the company’s dime at the company is something completely different.


Google fires 28 staff after protests against cloud contract with Israel | Israel War on Gaza | Al Jazeera

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Google terminates 28 employees after series of protests: Read the memo

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Google fires 28 workers for protesting $1.2 billion Israel contract

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No Tech For Apartheid on X: “UPDATE—@google worker sitins in NYC/ Sunnyvale are in their 7th hour. Here are statements from workers still inside RIGHT NOW @Google workers will NOT allow business as usual while Google provides tech 4 Israel’s genocide in Gaza #NoTechForApartheid #NoTechForGenocide” / X

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