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Black Georgia Veteran Defends His Home With AR15 Rifle Against Home Invaders

A black veteran from Clayton County, Georgia (Atlanta area) defended his home and property with an AR15-style rifle. The homeowner, who had been deployed to Afghanistan before, noticed three men advancing toward his home. One of the men was brandishing a handgun as he sprinted toward his home. The armed man crouched beside the homeowner’s vehicle and tried to open it up. This series of events prompted the veteran homeowner to grab his rifle and confront the potential burglars/home invaders.

What happened next was a shootout that produced dozens of bullet holes in the homeowner’s vehicle. The potential home invaders were able to escape with a gun retrieved from the car as mentioned earlier. Miraculously, no one was injured in the massive shootout in the Clayton County neighborhood. The armed men unsuccessfully attempted to break into neighboring homes to “escape” the homeowner’s gunfire.

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Some people criticize the homeowner for confronting several armed men by himself. They say he should have simply called the police and hunkered down inside his home. After all, they may have just been car thieves. The problem with this line of thinking is that these men did attempt to break into neighboring homes. And since they were armed, it’s hard to tell if they just wanted to steal property outside the home or if they had something more sinister, and dangerous, planned that night.


Home invader suspects chose the “wrong home” after encountering armed veteran homeowner – YouTube

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