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Black Kid Denied Service Over Dress Code – Was It RACISM?

Ouzo Bay, a restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, is in the center of a firestorm over a “problematic” viral video. A black woman named Marcia Grant and her nine-year-old son were denied a table at the restaurant due to the son violating the restaurant’s dress code. Their policy clearly states that no “athletic gear” is allowed.

What’s All The Fuss About?

The boy’s mother decided to record the argument about the dress code between herself and a restaurant employee. And that video has gone viral. The key to the video is the comparison between her son and another boy at the restaurant who was dressed “similarly” but was allowed entry. She contends that they have on nearly the same outfit and that the reason why her son is not allowed entry is because of racism. But once the video is examined closely, the claim of racism does not really stick.

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The black boy was wearing a full basketball outfit. He had on a Jordan Brand t-shirt with a giant Michael Jordan logo on the front, a pair of basketball shorts, and of course basketball style shoes to match. Compare that to the white boy who had on a pair of blue khaki-type shorts, a regular t-shirt, and a pair of basketball-style shoes. The colors of the shirt were nearly the same as the black boy’s shirt, but there was no athletic logo or anything of the sort.

Athletic-style shoes are actually allowed in the dress code, which the restaurant staffer said in the video. So both kids met the dress code when it came to shoes. The problem is with the shorts and the shirt. The white kid adhered to the dress code while the black kid did not. And somehow, this is spun by the mainstream media, random agitators, and the boy’s mother as an example of racism. It is not.

Is There A Precedent For This?

Dress codes are a common thing in restaurants. They create a certain vibe and atmosphere that keeps customers wanting to come back due to the enjoyable experience. The experience of a restaurant is very important due to the sheer number of available eateries that exist. What makes one restaurant different from the other? Food, of course, is the main thing. But it is not the only thing, especially in a highly competitive environment.

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There is no inherent racism in dress codes unless said dress code is enforced on certain races differently. The now-viral video in question at Ouzo Bay is simply not an example of that.

Beware The “Woke” Mobs

A school of thought exists which says dress codes, in general, are targeted towards marginalized groups (read, black men) because of socioeconomic and cultural factors. This thought process ignores black restaurant owners that have their own dress codes. Black-owned nightclubs with majority black patronage are notorious for their very strict dress codes that they enforce with an iron fist.

Every establishment has the right to enforce their own rules. No shirt, no shoes, no service is the same thing as wrong shirt, wrong shirt, no service. To libel and/or slander a company because of an upset customer is simply the wrong thing to do. Ouzo Bay is in Baltimore, Maryland which is majority black. The parent company of Ouzo Bay, Atlas Restaurant Group, owns a decent-sized portfolio of restaurants all in the same area of Baltimore. If there were any allegations of racism, this incident with the dress code wouldn’t be the first alarm to ring.

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Over the past few days, weeks, months, and years, black people have been used to push forward whatever political narrative the left want. From rewriting history to the abortion of babies. Enough is enough and it’s time for a change.


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  1. More often than not, when someone is violating a (restaurant) dress code, they are wearing athletic (basketball) attire. Hmmm, is this just a coincidence?

  2. Is the boy with the blue shorts tshirt a popular logo of something? Is it custom made? I have custom made tshirts done for my son all the time.
    The restaurant could say button up polo shirts, or no shirts with printing on them, or dress shirts only. I don’t know what the original dress code wording was other than no sports shirts.
    The main thing I took out of the was the mother NOT saying “That boy in the blue shorts or the boy on the outside patio” No she said that WHITE boy. If it were reversed, would a white mom have said, “I want to eat here because that black boy has on a sports shirt something like my white boy?”
    Me personally, if I’d not known the dress code, shown up out of code, and was told to come back later. I’d’ve done just that. But what do I know? My ancestors are from Europe and Native American.

  3. But what was the logo on the boy’s shirt outside? You can’t really see it. It looks like a rabbit to me. Does anyone know? Was it really a sports logo?

  4. I like how GMA went right to the “this is 2020 and this shouldn’t be happening” schtick. Granted, I don’t agree with the way it was handled, and calling the Jordan short athletic gear is a stretch.

  5. ABL: When you say that the dress code “clearly states that no ‘athletic gear’ is allowed” — what are you referring to exactly? Why do you keep putting “athletic gear” in quotes? Are you lying about that because it helps your spin on the story? Why do you get mad at the Mainstream Media for inaccuracy, when your whole premise is based on an inaccuracy that you refuse to correct? Just curious.

  6. I live in Baltimore, and BASICALLY EVERYTHING HERE is about RACE NOW! I am so SICK OF IT ALL! And, YES, I am a black woman that HATES THE PANDERING of whites, and HATES the VICTIMHOOD BADGE OF HONOR for blacks! WE ARE ALL BEING PLAYED!

  7. This is a bit off subject but the story had a restaurant in it. A friend of mine and his family were having dinner at outback steakhouse. A black woman with i believe it was six kids comes in and does the same thing , no problem. When it comes time to pay out comes the welfare card. Entitlement gone beserk.


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