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The Term “Master Bedroom” Is Now… RACIST! So Is Everything Else!

A realtor group in Texas will no longer refer to master bedrooms by the name they’ve been known for over one hundred years due to the current political environment in the United States. The group now refers to these large bedrooms as “primary” bedrooms or suites. Other realtors and builders across the nation have already followed suit. Another name for master bedrooms is the “owner’s suite.”

Navigating the Minefield Of The Offended

The changes come as a result of the current “climate” in the United States. Everyone is so sensitive about George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, and everything else surrounding it that any hint of racism is an instant death blow to any company and/or person. It doesn’t matter if a name has been in use for over one hundred years with little to no complaints. If just *one* person sees a term or name as offensive, then that one person’s complaint could go viral in a video and sink anything.

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The word “master” is seen by some as a reference to slavery since there were slaves in the United States at one point who had “masters”. As mentioned earlier, some homes are listed with “owner’s suites” instead of “masters suite” but the term “owner” is also “problematic”. For the same reason the term “master” is. Since “master” and “owner” are inappropriate terms to use, all types of substitutes must be either created or repurposed from other words in a different context.

Homes are listed with “main” or “primary” bedrooms instead of “master” or “owner”.

Then there’s the case of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The NBA has 30 teams and they each have an individual owner, or at least primary shareholder. Since the NBA is majority black player-wise and majority white owner-wise, then the term “owner” is seen as a reference to slavery. They think it’s disrespectful to be black and play a subservient role to the “white man”. Instead of saying “owners” the new term is “Governors.” Really weird and strange.

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Woke Music Industry

The Dixie Chicks are set to drop “Dixie” from their name to become “The Chicks”. That’s it. No big fancy celebration of a name change, just a sloppy, haphazard chop of the name. Apparently, the term “Dixie” refers to being from the South and Southern Heritage, and that’s a big no-no nowadays. Even though the Dixie… er.. “The Chicks” are from Texas.

Lady Antebellum, the country group based out of Nashville who has been around since 2006, is now known as “Lady A”. Why? Because apparently the word “Antebellum” refers to the old south and everyone from there is a racist. Never mind the fact that they are an all-white group using the name of another musician, a black woman. The very same type of woman they apparently don’t want to offend. Or is it even really about her?

Exercise in Futility

None of the brand name, band name, or land names will make a shred of difference in the black community in the wake of George Floyd. In every black area ghetto in the United States exists a Martin Luther King boulevard. These roads were not built and named for MLK while he was alive. They were renamed later to honor Dr. King. A stereotype based in fact is that it’s easy to find the most dangerous part of the city. Look for MLK.

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Stunts like the Dixie Chicks becoming “The Chicks” could simply be PR to try and drum up some interest and money. But maybe not? Maybe being “woke” has overtaken basic logic and common sense nowadays. Because none of that has been put to use in this particular case.


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