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CHAZ / CHOP Seattle Is On Its Last Leg!

The place formerly known as CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) and now known as CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest) may come to an end very soon. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who once described this dangerous drug and crime-infested area as having a “block party atmosphere” signaled that she will work with community leaders to bring CHOP to an end.

There is also a 50+ page class-action lawsuit against Seattle from businesses that are marooned within CHOP. They claim a lack of support from local police and an inability to operate due to a lack of access to the general public. Then there is the issue of a billion-dollar company leaving Seattle and moving to Phoenix. And of course, people actually live in or near the ANTIFA and BLM enclave of Freeattle. One woman says she would rather live in a homeless shelter than in her home because of safety issues.

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Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

An unidentified (but armed) man decided to mosey on into CHAZ/CHOP and take matters into his own hands. He single-handedly demolished a large part of the barrier around the makeshift zone. A man approached him with a knife, and he produced a pistol. The great equalizer. The random man who broke apart a large part of CHAZ/CHOP did what Seattle police have not been able to do in weeks.

Seattle Police are not allowed to intervene with the “autonomous” zone. They have no backing from the lunatic mayor of Seattle or the clueless Governor of Washington. There is no proverbial cavalry coming. At least, not any time soon. It’s up to citizens of Seattle to take their city back from the mob. If not, the mob rule will continue and spiral then spread.


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