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Black Police Officer Exposes Mostly-White BLM Protests!

A black police officer by the name of Jakhary Jackson, a 10-year veteran of the Portland Police Department, exposed Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests as consisting of mostly white and non-black people. Portland, Oregon is the site of constant protests from BLM that almost always turn violent.

Reality Stranger Than Fiction

Black Lives Matter supporters claim to fight for the rights of black people. They say they want police reform and justice for unarmed black men shot and killed by the police. Racism and prejudice are things BLM supporters claim to be against. If all of the aforementioned is true, then it’s hard to discern that from a ground level. In fact, quite a few other things appear to be the focus of BLM other than what they claim.

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Officer Jackson successfully exposed Black Lives Matter protests in a manner that exposes what their true purpose is. First of all, most BLM supporters out every night at protests in Portland are white. That same pattern is not much different across the United States (and the world, for that matter). If a BLM protest crowd is not majority white, then it is most certainly not majority black either.

Racism is always a problem at BLM “protests” (which are really just thinly-veiled riots). A white BLM supporter told Jackson that “you have the biggest nose that I’ve ever seen.” The reason Officer Jackson received that racism from the white “protester” is that he is a police officer. All police officers are viewed as the enemy by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, which are essentially the same group with the same tactics and goals at this point.

Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Racist abuse that black and other non-whites suffer at the hands of white ANTIFA and BLM supporters is nothing new. It is rampant online all over social media. The online world gives people a shield of anonymity, so racist attacks often come from faceless avatars on sites like Twitter.

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The protest world is different because a physical person is in front of another person’s face, in real life. These people still want to remain anonymous, but they aren’t afraid to confront a person in real life due to strength in numbers. The virus has mandated mask-wearing across the nation, which was already ANTIFA’s defense mechanism.

Kind People Are Excommunicated

As Jackson said, any remaining peaceful BLM protesters are long gone. There are people who genuinely want positive change to happen and an end to violence in the street. But those people aren’t truly welcome in ANTIFA or BLM. These groups are subversive and Marxist in nature. One of the founders of BLM actually appeared on television and admitted that they are trained Marxists with the goal of removing Donald Trump from office.

What does white and black racism, Marxism, and removing Trump from office have to do with Black Lives Matter? Not a thing. Toxic and dangerous people have adopted the “BLM” phrase as sort of a battle cry. They think that it makes them untouchable. So they can go out into the streets to loot and pillage with no consequences. To a certain extent, they’re right. Governments are bending over backwards in cities across the nation to acquiesce to their will, which will usher in Marxism and Communism. Only We, the People can stop it.

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