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Smithsonian Black History Museum ATTACKS “Whiteness!”

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington DC released an educational supplement of sorts on their website that attacks the idea of “whiteness.”

Wokeness Levels Over 9,000

The museum describes “whiteness” as white people and their customs, beliefs, and ideas that are set as the standard that every other racial group (read, non-whites) are expected to adhere to. And if the other groups don’t adhere to that standard, then they are deemed as inferior or abnormal.

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The list of qualities under “whiteness” is covered in an info-graphic that is now viral. As of 5:00pm EST on Thursday,

Many people find the list insulting because the qualities on the list are not exclusive to “white people.” These qualities are found all over the world and are not exclusive to America. A key quality listed as “whiteness” is the idea of the nuclear family. The concept of men and women having children and raising them together is as old as humanity. To single out basic human qualities as “witness” is racism, pure and simple.

Fringe Fantasies Taught As Mainstream Fact

The scary part about the biased and uninformed “whiteness” infographic from NMAAHC is that people are taught from it, daily. The museum has an education department where the information is passed off as fact to unsuspecting people who generally want to learn about communicating with other races.

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A great way to communicate with other races is to not “other” them. See everyone as a person first and judge them on how they behave. Take it back to the basics of what we all learned (or should have learned) from Martin Luther King. Judge people on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.


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