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NBA Basketball Player James Harden Attacked Over Pro-Police Mask!

Houston Rockets star NBA basketball player James Harden received a heavy backlash on Twitter after the Rockets’ Twitter account posted a picture of him wearing a “thin blue line” flag mask. The “thin blue line” design refers to pro-police messaging or “Blue Lives Matter.” Pro-police messages are seen as a counter-message to Black Lives Matter by some of the Twitter-sphere. Others see the thin blue line as a show of support for police officers in a time when they certainly need it.

To Mask Or Not To Mask That Is The Question

Harden wore the somehow-controversial face shield upon reporting to the “bubble” in Orlando with the Rockets. The “bubble” is a concept the NBA is attempting where most teams and most players attempt to finish out the current basketball season in one place, without leaving, to prevent contracting and spreading the virus.

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Harden’s effort to comply with CDC and NBA guidelines should have been the focus rather than his choice in a face mask. Several other NBA players have refused to participate in the bubble due to health concerns. Other players arrived at the bubble and complained of bad food and accommodations. Harden, as usual, did no complaining or anything diva-esque and got attacked over a fashion statement.

Tweet First, Ask Questions Last

Either way the pendulum swings on public opinion of pro or anti-police, James Harden got the brunt end of the anti-police stick. Blue check-mark accounts on Twitter wasted no time tearing into the superstar basketball player over his choice of mask. Harden was labeled as an uncle tom, coon, sellout, boot-licker, and other derogatory terms. All because of a face shield to prevent the virus.

When Harden finally had a chance to get in front of the camera after being attacked on Twitter while he slept like a normal human being, he responded to the critics. Harden said that the face mask simply “looked cool” was not a political statement of any sort. That should have been the end of it. But, of course, it wasn’t. “Journalists” over at places like Yahoo News continued to attack the Rockets all-star for his choice in face mask.

Journalism Died Of The Virus

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Yellow journalists and random Twitter-ers essentially stated that James Harden should have known better to wear the mask, considering the current climate of Black Lives Matter having broad support in the NBA. The reality, not the ivory-tower, rose-tinted version of reality, says much different. Most people don’t know much about politics at all. They don’t have time to read every news story and keep up with the latest trends. James Harden isn’t even really on social media. How would he know what a Thin Blue Line flag really is?

Journalists used to have the job of informing the public of information that they don’t know. But now, it seems like Twitter (and social media in general) has changed the job of journalists into propagandists. And that’s why more and more people are becoming disillusioned by the mainstream media and reaching out to honest and reliable alternative sources.

Fashion Faux-Pas Pass

It would be great to support James Harden for wearing apparel in support of police officers, but that is not really what happened here. Yes, the apparel was designed to show support for police, but that’s not why Harden wore it. He purchased it for the same reason a guy wears a Yankee hat that doesn’t know the home plate from first base. He thinks it looks cool and likes the way it looks with his outfit. Anyone saying anything other than that needs to stop it.

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  1. The pople who get apoplectic about symbolism but say nothing about 8K black on black homicides obviously don’t care about black lives. They are motivated to riot, scream like crazy people and destroy property for reasons that have nothing to do with saving any black lives. That’s why they’re also silent about the huge spike up in black on black violence inspired by the Black Lives (dont really)-Matter “movement”.

  2. I completely agree with all points made and i would just like to add that all the “police hatin” now is so paradoxical to the world of 2001…What I mean by that is that we, as a nation, couldn’t have been more obsessed with the idea of “police love” than we were post 9-11…Everywhere ya looked there was some kinda merch with “thin blue line” as it’s theme- bumper stickers, decals, articles of clothing, travel mugs, I mean it was a bit ridiculous actually. But natural. After something world shattering takes place, people connect with one another using a variety of coping mechanisms- and by owning some of the above mentioned articles, folks were able to bond, stay grounded and gain peace. You couldn’t turn on a tv without some talk show or news outlet lauding the praises of the NYPD and NYFD and the heroes that make up their ranks; the fallen, the injured, the tremendously brave men and women who risked their lives to save innocent civilians in their huddled and bloody masses, crying out in terror- hurling themselves from any openings in the crumbling facade that was once a safe and comfortable place of work. And now the PD’s name is mud? It just kills me to think, that a good percent of “protesters” weren’t alive or were too young to now remember these events and how bad it would’ve been without the strong presence of law enforcement and emergency management…And shame on those old enough to remember for not saying anything now! Heaven only knows what would transpire should another 9-11 occur today! Out there at the Space Needle, or maybe the Statue of Liberty this time…Except now, who knows, with the way things are going, the civilian response may just be applause and laughter instead of shrieks of terror. Yes it seems, in a sense, that the tables have turned; the once terrified have become terrifying. Homegrown terrorism looms larger than ever. Whether we are terrifying each other through words, violent acts or viruses- killing each other with guns or drugs or vacuum tubes at Dr.’s offices or syringes on our death beds- whether we are blowing things up with literal explosives or just blowing things out of proportion through the explosive nature and speed of social media, this new reality we have created is out of control. Quite possibly to show us that we were never in control to start with? But I digress, and have been for a minute now, lol…It is just so easy to get worked up over this huge amount to nonsense…Well, it is for me, that’s for sure…At any rate, thanks for listening- thank you for the original post and thank you ABL for all the coverage you provide. Your hard work and dedication are a truly priceless gift to society.


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