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BLK Dating App Releases Cringeworthy Song And Video For Midterm Elections

The dating app called “BLK” released a cringeworthy music video for a rap song aimed at encouraging black Americans to vote. The timing of the song and video is obviously for the purpose of midterm elections. Americans, regardless of race, typically do not vote as much in off-year elections as they do every four years for the Presidential election. And the Democratic party has faced criticism for not doing much to garner the vote of the black community (although it is not truly necessary judging by the voting statistics).

So the solution appears to have been to enlist rappers “Saucy Santana” and “Trina” to not only promote the BLK dating app but to also encourage black Americans to vote. The selection of these two rappers probably makes sense from a marketing and PR perspective as well. Saucy Santana is an LGBTQ man and, of course, Trina is a woman. All the diversity and inclusion check marks get checked and the Democratic party can say they allocated resources to black community outreach.

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