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New York Man Sells Fake, 3D-Printed Guns To Buyback Program For $21k

A New York state man known as “Kem” sold fake, 3D-printed guns for $21,000 at a state-sponsored gun-buyback program. To be specific, the program was sponsored by the Attorney General, Letitia James. Advertisements for the buyback were vague and loose. There was a complete lack of any “fine print”. The event’s flyer was the first red flag that there may be some issues. “Assault rifles” fetched $250 while “rifles” fetched $75. The reality is that there is no difference between the two rifles outside of appearance and the ability to easily mount certain cosmetic attachments.

The Attorney General even offered more money for weapons without serial numbers, typically known as “ghost guns”. All of the above issues with the gun buyback event opened the door to “Kem” who simply printed 110 lower receivers for “assault weapons”. The end result was not a reduction of crime in New York state. The actual outcome was “Kem” getting $21,000 richer.

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  1. The American entrepreneurial opportunistic dream in action right here. Um hello, at those pathetic prices, nobody is gonna sell their guns, unless old, nonworking, fake or stolen. These buffoons need to get a fn clue or better yet, find a new line of work cause honey youre entirely uneducated and unqualified for this one.

  2. how much ya wanna bet the investigation eventually reveals “kem” either is related to or a crony of letitia james? clearly this buy back program is a scam.


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