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BLM Protests A Trader Joes Grocery Store in Seattle! But Why?

Black Lives Matter (BLM) “activists” decided to protest Trader Joes in Seattle, Washington over a lack of access to grocery stores in “black and brown” areas. The BLM “protesters” (rioters and anarchists) also railed against capitalism in the United States and gentrification.

This protest is wholly ironic in nature because the very same type of people at the so-called protest would have appreciated the hit-piece written about Trader Joe’s last year. The article suggested that the construction of a new Trader Joe’s grocery store, and extended bike lanes, signals oncoming gentrification.

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Then there’s the issue of the items “black and brown” people in low-income areas generally purchase vs. what BLM would like for them to have access to. There’s generally a Wal-Mart near the low-income areas of a city. If you take a trip to that particular Wal-Mart on or around the first of the month, right around EBT card refreshment time, what you’ll find would be astonishing to these BLM larpers.

Do Things That Make Sense, For Once

Obesity is a serious problem in low-income areas. How can that be so if they don’t have much money? Where is the food budget? Well, the answer is very simple. These people get subsidized by the Federal and State governments to eat whatever they want on the taxpayer’s dime. Let’s go back to the Wal-Mart allegory. On the first of the month, food stamp recipients carts are generally filled top to bottom with garbage. Boxed high fat, high carb foods with zero nutritional value. And this is at Wal-Mart which usually has a robust and respectable produce section.

What is the purpose of providing an expensive Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods in a low-income area where people cannot afford the food and wouldn’t want it even if they could? Common sense seems to elude BLM anarchists. Their future protest endeavors must be looked at through the same lens of understanding their ignorance. And since their ignorance has proven time and time to be dangerous, maybe the Government should step in and put an end to this silly, ignorant nonsense.

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Seattle BLM takes over Trader Joe’s, protesting ‘lack of access to grocery stores’ | The Post Millennial

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