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BLM-Related Organizations Have Pocketed Over $82 Billion So Far

Black Lives Matter and BLM-related organizations have pocketed a whopping $82 billion from woke companies. This astonishing number comes from the Claremont Institute’s database that tracks the flow of money to “woke” groups. $123 million of the $82 billion has gone toward the BLM parent company directly. The other billions of dollars have gone to an endless bunch of splinter-cell organizations that all belong under the same umbrella. Most of the clamoring for more “rights” and “equality” for “people of color” that is done both online and off is no more than a shakedown.

Corporations don’t want to be accused of not being “woke” enough, so they simply write a check to make themselves appear virtuous. This method is the same old song-and-dance that Al Sharpton made popular in the 1980s. Meanwhile, large groups of black Americans say they want reparations for the sins of America’s past. Nearly one hundred billion dollars would be a great start. However, the large majority of the money that has been grifted into the hands of BLM-style organizations will never reach the hands of anyone that truly needs it in the so-called “black community.”

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New Analysis: Corporate America Has Donated $82 Billion To BLM-Related Causes So Far | The Daily Wire

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