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Lasell University Student Charged In One Million Dollar Credit Card Scam

A 19-year-old college student by the name of Ariel Foster was arrested for participating in a nearly $1 million credit card scam. The Lasell University track star allegedly crafted the scam at her Lovisa jewelry part-time job. She would over-charge on certain sales and refund the overage to her own personal credit card. The proceeds from this scheme were used to fund lavish trips, clothing, and even a Tesla paid for in full. Foster would often post her ill-gotten proceeds on social media platforms. Evidence against her was overwhelming. Foster’s own exuberance wound up being the proverbial nails in her coffin.

Stories like this are becoming more and more common as young people attempt to live up to what they see on social media. The confusion of this story just goes to show that everything is not always what it seems on the outside looking in. Many of the extravagant lifestyles displayed on social media are specifically crafted to fuel a narrative and they are not truly representative of a person’s actual day-to-day life.

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