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Candace Owens Crushed the Feminist Narrative, Responds to Harry Styles VOGUE Photoshoot

Conservative firebrand and now best-selling author Candace Owens owns VOGUE Magazine after the publication tweeted photos of Harry Styles wearing what appears to be a ruffled dress.

The BLEXIT founder retweeted the post, complete with facts about the flaws of feminism.

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Owens followed up with a series of videos explaining how the phenomenon of men wearing dresses is unheard of in Eastern nations, and how Hollywood only exists to ruin societies by way of cultural influence.

From the big screen to the TV screen, we are seeing these images left and right. Men dabbling in makeup and feminine clothing while feminist women come to their defense. It seems this sort of social conditioning has done its job, leaving ladies unable to recognize a masculine man when they see one.

It doesn’t help that masculinity is also viewed as toxic. But as Owens explains, the term “toxic masculinity” is a false ideology created by people who hate men.

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Interestingly enough, she used the term “fake feminism.” So what, exactly, is real feminism? Feminism was created to empower women to be virtuous leaders not man-hating banshees. And if empowerment comes packaged with resentment for the opposite sex, can we even call it empowerment at all?

What many of Owens’ supporters love about her is that she helps redirect the masses on polarizing social issues where only one side of the discussion is being had. Her message has always been to encourage women to embrace what makes femininity great, and to find strength in love, not hate.


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