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CDC Guidance Permits Quarantined to Vote in Person?

Remember when Americans were shamed into their homes for the slightest cough or sneeze due to COVID-19 regulations? In light of the most competitive election season yet, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued its latest guidelines to help stop the spread at the polls.

As if mandates haven’t already been confusing and frustrating these past 11 months, now voters can head to the polls regardless if they are under a quarantine order or not. Of course most liberty-loving Americans agree that no one should miss their right to vote because of COVID.

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So what are the guidelines? Social distancing and wearing a mask are among the CDC’s recommendations for voting safely.

In some municipalities, voters with COVID or similar symptoms are encouraged to go to special voting locations to accommodate the “quarantined” and the sick.

But isn’t it funny how this runs counter to the original push from the Left to stay at home and vote by mail? What’s also interesting is how liberals realize that they need all the votes they can to win this election, so much so that they encourage a break from the “shelter at home” notion to make it happen. Let no vote go to waste.

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And with record numbers of voters turning out at polling locations, we can expect Democrats to blame Trump voters for an increase of COVID-19 cases should he be reelected.

But remember, we are allowed to stand in long lines as we vote in person, but in California we need to limit our family gatherings to under two hours with caroling kept to a minimum.

Those of us using common sense know that if you’ve recently been to a shopping center or grocery store, you’ve likely made contact with someone with COVID. Once cautious Americans are now annoyed by the moving of the goal posts from politicians, local lawmakers and the pandemic response teams.

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Now that voters know that they may be standing in line next to someone with COVID or COVID symptoms, we can expect the masses to break form and take this pandemic less seriously. We can blame all of the inconsistencies and ever-changing mandates for lack of compliance because Americans are officially over it.


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