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The 2020 Presidential Election Was A Mess (RECAP)

The 2020 Presidential election featuring the race between President Donald Trump and the Democrat challenger Joe Biden was a complete mess. A mix of improper campaigning in states like Pennsylvania to masses of mail-in ballots that may have not reached their destination culminated in a non-conclusion on the night of the election. Officials say that the process could take days or even weeks to sort out.

President Trump made a statement declaring “victory” and that the matter of improper ballot counting would be taken to the US Supreme Court. Nearly every major media outlet, including Fox News, labeled the President’s declaration and “threat” of court action as irresponsible and without evidence. Although the Attorney General of Pennsylvania stated that Trump would not win his state when all of the votes were counted. And that statement was made back on October 31st, way before election day.

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A variety of questions surround the authenticity of the voting process in different states across the nation. Watching certain websites that give constant updates yielded an interesting discovery. Michigan gained nearly 128,000 votes for Biden, but zero for any other candidate during a data refresh. That total has of course since been updated, but the remains. Why did the total increase so much at once for one person but none of the other four other candidates totals moved by one vote? It is fishy at best, downright criminal at worst.

This case will most likely make it all the way to high court and at that point, who knows what will happen. At that point, the issue will be the matter of votes casted beyond the close of polling and also voter fraud. Until that issue gets cleared up, the actual result of the election may no be known.


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