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Terrence Bradley In Deep Trouble As New Witness Emerges In Case To Disqualify Fani Willis

Fani Willis is in deep trouble after a new witness emerged in the case to disqualify her from the Election Interference case featuring President Donald Trump. A motion was filed on behalf of another Trump co-defendant, David Shafer. According to the motion, Shafer would present the testimony of Cobb County co-chief Deputy District Attorney Cindi Lee Yeager. Yeager contacted Shafer’s attorney after watching Nathan Wade’s former law partner, Terrence Bradley, testify during Fani Willis’s disqualification hearing. Yeager is prepared to testify that Bradley did not tell the truth on the stand.

When Fani Willis allegedly called Bradley to warn him about speaking to the media about the relationship between herself and Nathan Wade, Yeager was in Bradley’s office and overheard the conversation. Yeager would essentially verify text messages between Bradley and attorney Ashleigh Merchant. Terrence Bradley told Merchant that Nathan Wade and Fani Wilis met and started seeing each other at a conference in 2019, not in 2022, which Wade and Willis swore to in court.

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