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Chicago Mayor Cancels Shot Spotter Contract Over Allegations Of Racism

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has fulfilled a campaign promise and has refused to renew the city’s Shot Spotter contract. This decision would render the gunshot detection sensors throughout the Windy City inoperable as soon as Friday. Johnson attempted to sign a six-month extension to keep Shot Spotter until September. This would ensure Shot Spotter operates past the Democratic National Convention, which will be held in Chicago in late August. The parent company of Shot Spotter, SoundThinking, has reportedly refused to sign the extension. SoundThinking’s decision is likely due to Johnson telegraphing his move to stop using Shot Spotter. Johnson’s words reportedly tanked the price of SoundThinking’s stock.

City leaders in Chicago rebuffed the Mayor’s decision. They say the technology saves lives because police are dispatched to life-saving situations when people in the community cannot or will not call the police. Shot Spotter detects the sound of gunshots and alerts local authorities. Chicago Police say that at least 150 tourniquets have been applied to victims of gunshot wounds after authorities were alerted by Shot Spotter. Other leaders say Shot Spotter leads to over-policing of minority neighborhoods, and it is good that Brandon Johnson refused to renew the contract.

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