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High School Teacher Says Behavior Standards Are Racist

A white high school teacher in Blacksburg, Virginia says that behavior standards for students are racist. To be more exact, the teacher said in a now-deleted TikTok video that behavior standards stem from white supremacy. He says things like sitting down, being still, and paying attention are parts of white culture. So to hold non-whites to these “white culture” standards centers the behavior of everyone on “whiteness”. This, in his mind, makes behavior standards racist.

The video does not appear to be a parody or anything of the sort. And as a matter of fact, several people agreed with the teacher. Entire “threads” on social media exist where people are congratulating the teacher for his “progressive” ideology. The obvious problem here is that rules apply to everyone in environments beyond school. Everyone is expected to behave properly. A person’s color does not determine the number of rules that they are permitted to follow. To suggest anything else is clearly racist.

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Treating races of students differently based on their race is, unfortunately, not a new phenomenon in public schools. This was a practice codified in law prior to the 1964 Civil Rights Movement. Although some of the more obviously illegal and discriminatory behaviors have since ceased, such as forced segregation, new forms of bigotry have reared their ugly heads. People who are not aware of current events may want to link racism to old, conservative, white people… but that’s not what’s happening. Most of the racism, or attempts at it, come from very young liberal white and black teachers. They think they are being virtuous and protecting black/brown students by segregating them away from “harmful” whites. All they are doing is simply trying to restore segregation.

Progress does not include going backward to revitalize old, outdated, and ineffective methods. Students must behave and if some students cannot live up to current standards of behavior, then that’s on them and their parents. The same thing goes for academic standards. School systems in liberal cities across the country have reduced learning standards to provide “equality” for “black and brown” students. The problem is that gifted students who may be “black or brown” are now seen as intellectually inferior. And underperforming students receive an inflated sense of self that ruins their drive to overcome obstacles and do better. The result is a dumbing down of the entire population. What does this mean for the future? It is difficult to tell and.. quite frankly… it is not every pleasant to imagine.


Virginia teacher says making kids behave is ‘white supremacy’

VA teacher says encouraging behaviors like ‘following directions’ is White supremacy | Fox News

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