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Trump 2021 CPAC Speech RECAP: The TRUE State of the Union

Former President Donald Trump gave a speech at the 2021 CPAC event in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, February 28th. Many online and television personalities noted that his speech was basically the State of the Union Address since Joe Biden failed to deliver one. Although Presidents generally don’t give a SOTU speech in their first year, they are still able to deliver remarks before a joint session of Congress which is the same thing. Trump’s speech lasted for about an hour and a half and there was never a dull moment.

Trump covered quite a bit of area during his speech and he started off with a bang. Shortly after he started to speak, Trump revealed that he *may* run for office again in 2024. This was big news because news outlets had been speculating that he would run again ever since the conclusion of the 2020 Presidential Election. However, Trump stopped short of saying that he absolutely would run again.

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One thing Trump said firmly is that the idea of him starting a third political party is fake news. The former President acknowledged that starting another conservative party would do nothing but split the vote and ensure no conservatives ever won again. Trump did, however, bring up his “Save America” PAC which will contribute monies to America First candidates within the Republican party. This is the AOC / Justice Democrats model where a faction forms within a party to push the larger group in a different direction.

Joe Biden’s political policies were absolutely hammered by Trump throughout the entire speech. From going back to the Paris Climate Accord to the “Equality Act” which will have a negative impact on not only women’s sports, but the general safety of women in the United States. Of course, Trump mentioned one of the biggest Biden gaffes which was the “we didn’t have the vaccine when I got in office” remark. Trump reminded Biden and the rest of the world that Biden actually received the vaccine himself not once, but twice. And that would not have been possible without Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” initiative.

The gigantic elephant in the room at CPAC, and across the nation beyond political conferences, is the issue of voter fraud and election “irregularities”. Trump spoke about the need to reform the system to prevent rule changes from happening at the zero-hour such as “universal mail-in voting”. Countless illegal aliens and dead people allegedly voted, which should be impossible. It may take years to figure out the extent of the fraud that took place or did not take place. However, setting the environment for irregularities and fraud to happen took mere moments.

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Donald Trump is nowhere near done with politics. Right Side Broadcasting had over 400,000 concurrent viewers while Trump was speaking. It was unreal to say the least. The enthusiasm and energy from the Trump era has not gone anywhere and will surely be channeled into upcoming elections, regardless of what the media attempts to do to stop it.


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