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CNN Melts Down Over Rumor Of Tucker Carlson Vladimir Putin Interview In Russia

CNN and much of the leftist mainstream media flipped out over news of a potential Tucker Carlson Vladimir Putin interview. To be clear, nothing is confirmed or solidified regarding the Tucker/Putin interview. Rumors have been swirling due to Tucker’s trip to Russia, which has been highly publicized by both Russian and U.S. media.

Tucker Carlson has not announced that he will be doing any interviews in Russia. However, since Tucker is a very popular interviewer and happens to be in Russia, the conclusion is that he is there to interview Putin. The Daily Beast reports that Putin’s allies say the interview could shake up the 2024 Presidential Election. The headline and contents of the Daily Beast article are reminiscent of the “Russia, Russia, Russia” scare from leftist media and the Federal Government that emerged during the 2016 election.

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CNN used the popular anti-conservative slur “MAGA” no less than four times in the first 15 seconds of their report on Tucker in an attempt to link him to Donald Trump. Mainstream media is attempting to shape the narrative behind Tucker’s Putin interview before it is even promoted, let alone released. The reason for this may be fear that Tucker’s popularity could influence the election by softening negative views of Vladimir Putin, therefore somehow helping Donald Trump win the 2024 election.


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