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Colin Kaepernick Inks New Deal with DISNEY; Will Produce Content Based On His Life

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has inked a new production deal with the Disney Corporation. Kaepernick’s production company Ra Vision Media and Disney will collaborate on a variety of original programming based on Kaepernick’s life. Former ESPN host and current writer for the Atlantic, Jemele Hill, will be the lead on production. Completed works from the deal will air on ESPN, The Disney Channel, Pixar, Hulu, and The Undefeated.

Boss Of All Bosses

Disney Executive Director (formerly CEO) Bob Iger released a statement that reads, in part: “During this unprecedented time, The Walt Disney Company remains committed to creating diverse and inclusive content that resonates and matters.” The Disney Corporation has also promised to staff production with minorities to showcase their talent.

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Kaepernick is becoming a social-justice mogul off of the football field. In 2017, he allegedly inked a book deal worth at least one million dollars. His brand deal with NIKE from his playing days is still active. Actually, the NIKE deal is active now more than ever. Kaepernick’s playing days did not bring him as much attention as he has now as a social-justice warrior. Now, there is the big deal with Disney that he can add to his portfolio.

Where’s The Money?

It’s not clear how much Kaepernick’s partnership with Disney is worth from a dollars and cents point of view. What is clear is that Kaepernick has no incentive to play NFL football anymore. One can safely assume that NFL money, at this point, pales in comparison to Disney Corporation money.

ESPN and other networks still run segments where they pontificate about where Kaepernick will end up. Not as it relates to what he’s actually doing nowadays, and has been doing for the past few years post-football. Quite the contrary. They still think he has a desire, or a need to play NFL football. For what?

Add Up The Numbers

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Kaepernick is thirty-two years old and he’ll be thirty-three in November. For a 6’4″ 220+ pound running quarterback, to make it to 33 is unheard of. If a quarterback of his size and type is in the NFL, they are not making big money. Cam Newton is around that size and just turned 31. He signed a one-year veteran minimum of just over one million with the New England Patriots. Newton is an all-around better player than Kaepernick ever was, even now.

Why would Kaepernick risk his health, permanently, for one million dollars, when he has signed several deals that became available *because* he is not playing football? It does not make any sense. The most he will do is pretend to desire to play football. He won’t make it and he’ll use that a reason why he’s oppressed and a victim. That will be a cycle he continues to finagle until it’s no longer believeable.

What’s The Reality?

Kaepernick’s story is not one of oppression. He grew up in a nice, white family in the United States. He was adopted, yes, but that only fuels his internal issues that caused him to become a social justice warrior. A comfortable lane opened up for Kaepernick and that’s where he is. To think that he’ll take the next exit and go do something else simply does not make dollars, or sense.

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  1. Well we had some trouble with Disney billing….had not renewed yet. Well this BS just proved we will go elsewhere.
    People may have to make choices…food on the table…roof over my children….or ….a stupid sports game.
    It is all about “PR”….felt NFL….had a chance with the KC super bowl quarterback. Well saw that was just more PR…..
    I look forward to the fall of pro sports…..people have found they can do other things.

  2. His white mother put him up for adoption. He probably has psychological issues especially since she was white and he feels she rejected him. He most definitely has been negatively affected by it and instead of embracing the love and acceptance he received from his new family who also is white, he has become bitter and angry about his rejection from his biological mother, but his father left also who is black. This is probably a conundrum for him. I truly think under all of his self assured persona, he is a man feeling alone and hurt. I’m not making excuses for his petty, greedy lying way of becoming a millionaire. It will only backfire on him. He needs to find out who he really is first, before trying to tell the rest of us who we really are. His dishonesty will find him out in time, it always does.

  3. Darlena agree with you 100% he definitely has some deep rooted issues .While in H.S. summer football camps grew up in suburbs ,yet he portrays himself or tries to like he grew up in the hood please, He wouldn’t of gone into one before growing the fro and taking a knee and people buy into it don’t get

  4. The only thing that comes out of colon is a big stink and a lot of s__t.
    Walt Disney is crying in his grave
    Black lives matter but apparently black crime and black character do not to the so called liberal progressives. To keep crapernick happy we now have affirmative action for NFL quarterhacks


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