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Terry Crews EXPOSES Black Lives Matter LIVE on CNN!

CNN host Don Lemon brought actor Terry Crews on his show to discuss Crews’ controversial tweets about Black Lives Matter. Crews stated that he did not want “Black Lives Matter” to transform into “Black Lives are better.” He also stated, in part, that not all white people are bad and not all black people are good and that he’s prepared to die on that hill.

The interview between Lemon and Crews was only about eight minutes long. Crews needed much more time to get his full thoughts about Black Lives Matter out there to the public. Don Lemon consistently interrupted the conversation for what appeared to be time-related purposes, but was actually more for Lemon’s own two cents to shine through.

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Terry Crews Is A Brave Soul

Terry Crews thoroughly exposed Black Lives Matter for what they truly are, which is not really about black lives. Don Lemon interrupted Crews during one particular part of this exposure to say that the movement is not about black-on-black crime and that it’s about police brutality and injustice instead. Lemon did not realize that he simply validated everything Crews was saying. He admitted to the reality of the so-called “movement.”

Crews mentioned that Black Lives Matter talk about much more than police brutality. They are, according to the founder, a group started by Marxists with political goals. Such as removing Trump and also any other person they deem as “anti-black” from office. On the Black Lives Matter website, there is plenty of language dealing with removing “heteronormative” culture and also “patriarchal” structure.

Is There A Place For Black Men in BLM?

It seems like the only time a straight black man is necessary for Black Lives Matter is when they are shot and killed by a person that is in law enforcement or not black. White-on-black violence is not necessarily only the trigger point for BLM, although it is probably the largest. Because the organization started on the back of Trayvon Martin who did not get killed by a white person or a police officer. One thing is for sure, though. If Trayvon Martin got killed by a black man, then Black Lives Matter would not have started.

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Terry Crews mentioned the black family and the need for self-control and policing. Not from the viewpoint of the far-leftist radical idea of “community policing” but from the simple perspective of proper parenting and accountability. These are not principles that Black Lives Matter espouses. Nor is it the principles that the people who support them espouse.

Non Serious Journalism

CNN is an awful cable news station. Probably the worst out of the bunch. So they cannot be expected to deliver true, hard-hitting, factual journalism. The new term for what they do is journaltainment. Which is even worse than a tabloid production. Because at least with tabloids, you know most of it is fake and not to be taken seriously. Like horoscope predictions. But CNN cloaks itself in a marketing blanket of truth. But they are no more than a propaganda machine. Don Lemon is an extension of the propaganda, spewing lies for the divisive group known as Black Lives Matter.


What We Believe – Black Lives Matter

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Terry Crews, CNN’s Don Lemon clash over Black Lives Matter

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