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Black Militia Group NFAC Protests Stone Mountain Rock Carving Instead of Atlanta Violence!

An armed black militia group known as “NFAC” (Not F***ing Around Coalition) demonstrated at Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta, Georgia on Independence Day, July 4th, 2020. They stated their goal was to demonstrate their Second Amendment rights and also to remove the rock carving of Confederate leaders Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, and Robert E. Lee off of Stone Mountain.

Unwarranted Provocation?

The group did not have a permit to assemble but were allowed to give their speeches and perform their marches as they pleased. Local police said that there was no reason to get into any confrontation with the largely peaceful group. Stone Mountain Police did, however, request backup from Dekalb County Police just in case things got out of control.

Who Are These Guys?

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NFAC was apparently a group composed of at least four different black gun clubs. It’s not clear if the clubs were local in Georgia or if they came from elsewhere. The leader of NFAC, The Real Grandmaster Jay, informed local media and anyone else who asked that they are not part of Black Lives Matter or any other random group. Although much of their demands, like having a racially separate area in Texas, appear to mirror those of BLM and ANTIFA.

The group also stated that they simply want to march in support of their Second Amendment rights. Which is totally fair and normal for Georgia, especially Stone Mountain where race-based white groups have met in the past. Grandmaster Jay spoke of the other race groups, saying that NFAC received a threat from them. No other groups showed up to the protest, much to the dismay of Jay who loudly asked over a megaphone “where yall at?!” “We’re in your house!”

Direct The Energy Where It Should Be

Stone Mountain is close to Atlanta, but it is not Atlanta. Atlanta is relatively small, with a population of less than 500,000. The metro area surrounding Atlanta is what makes it a metropolis with over 4.5 million people. But there are a lot of issues in the city of Atlanta with the black community. To be direct, Zone 3 and Zone 6 of Atlanta have serious problems. Police are not supported by the mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, or the district attorney of Fulton County, Paul Howard. Innocent people suffer as a result.

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The energy that NFAC focused on protesting a large rock could have easily gone into the city limits of Atlanta rather than the far-away outskirts. NFAC could really make a positive change if they were to assist police in the city with the issues of violence that plague the black community. But instead, they protest big rocks and inquire about the whereabouts of white militant groups. Seems like there is some misguided focus going on.


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  1. Our US military has several different divisions for specific threats. Our military doesn’t handled inner city American on American crime, do they? Nor would a Militia. We don’t say “Hey what are you guys doing protecting Americans from terrorist, when Americans are killing each other. focus your energy there while we operate unchecked until you fix that.” Sounds foolish. This tactic of redirection is old and ineffective with todays people. These men have assembled for a SPECIFIC group of murderous, hate fueling men and women who actively use their hidden positions of power to harm people of color. Meanwhile our government doesn’t recognize these hate groups as extreme terrorist given their legacy of death and destruction. For any of us to pretend like these racist hate groups haven’t committed some of the most heinous crimes known to man is why NFAC exist today. And goofy journalism like this will inevitably strengthen their cause. NFAC IS HERE TO COMBAT RACIST EXTREME GROUPS. THEY ARE HERE FOR ONLY THAT. LIKE OUR GREEN BERETS, SEALS AND RANGERS. Buuuut since your concerned there are many groups focused on what your assuming no one is doing or neglected to research any of the hundreds of programs that do.

  2. This is just another plpy of the Marxist charged teachings. C’mon, Really? The US Military handles everything foriegn and Domestic. They will only come when called upon by the States Governing body. The police have all been banished in the Atlanta area. So, the NFAC is standing in the headges? They have violated many stautes in our state. No permits to protest. Lying to officials citing their 1st amendment right. Bringing assault weapons and brandishing them around in a terrorist manner. If I came into the park on that day, Iwould have felt that my life and families lives were in danger. BLM, stop propigating hate and stick to the issues. How are you going to straighten this out within the BLM? You are deceived and deceived sincerely. The BLM group is backed by the “not me white people with money” you are using the same tactics that Hitler and the like used before WWII. Its not that the BLM is ignorant, they know so much that isnt so.

  3. According to a brief internet search, this carving, though begun by the kkk, according to wikipedia, is now part of a public park. While it’s origin is certainly objectionable, wouldn’t the proper thing to do if someone wanted it gone to be to write to or lobby the people who administer the park, not show up with guns?
    BTW, I have no problem with guns, per se, guns are cool, and in some areas, open carry is legal. But if people show up with guns with the intention to remove gov’t property, that is clearly not a defensive posture. Nor a productive one. The history of these carvings may be objectionable, but they are now part of the park system and there are ways to go about objecting to them that don’t involve the threat of violence.


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