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Common Western Citizens Are Volunteering To Fight And Die In Ukraine

There is a unique phenomenon happening with westerners (from the US and UK especially) who are going to Ukraine as mercenaries. These people are not necessarily combat-ready or trained in any kind of way. Normal citizens from the West are simply packing up and heading to Ukraine to help in the fight. One might even call these people “radicalized” by Western media’s propaganda. So much has been put out there about how terrible Vladimir Putin is that most of them are simply there to fight Russians. This is textbook xenophobia. And the sad part is that most of these people will never make it back behind their computers to scroll Reddit if they do actually reach the front lines of the Russia/Ukraine war.

The online forum Reddit is actually responsible for sending a group of these guys to the front line. That group has been donned “The Reddit Legion”. It is possible that this particular group unintentionally tipped off Russian troops of their position, resulting in not only their deaths… but the deaths of everyone around them. Here’s a summary of what (may have) happened. A group of British “normie” mercenaries decided to continue scrolling social media and otherwise accessing the internet on their cellphones from a sensitive location. The Russian military, of course, has surveillance equipment. About 14 numbers with the +44 United Kingdom country code were detected in a single location. This was easily identified as a group of foreign mercs. Russians subsequently bombed the location.

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The war in Ukraine is unwinnable. It is a noble effort from common Ukrainian citizens to defend their country. However, there is no purpose for foreign volunteers to show up and attempt to help them. NATO does not have boots on the ground or planes in the sky for a very specific reason. They do not want to spark World War 3. Furthermore, without the support of an actual military aside from the Ukrainian Army, normal citizens with little to no combat experience will simply die immediately when they hit the front line. All for social media clout and their misplaced hatred of the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin.


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