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Ashley Biden’s Diary Confirmed By The New York Times

Ashley Biden’s diary that was allegedly “stolen” back in 2020 has been confirmed by an article from the New York Times. The timing of this is very interesting considering her brother, Hunter, was the subject of another NYT article just a few days ago where his infamous laptop was confirmed. And both of these stories originally broke just days before the 2020 Presidential Election. Maybe the stories are fully breaking now as an attempt of the mainstream media to get out ahead of the midterm cycle. Another possible explanation is that the media wants to capitalize on the Ukraine crisis to damage the President… for some odd reason. This would be difficult to do because all eyes are on the conflict and not necessarily on the President’s performance or lack thereof.

Project Veritas was accused of stealing the diary back in 2021 when Federal Agents stormed their New York City offices. Feds also raided the home of PV founder James O’Keefe and another PV “operative”. This action by the Federal Government should have been enough to confirm the legitimacy of the diary but they didn’t quite go that far, at least not publicly. Now, the diary has been confirmed and there is a back story. This backstory does clear Project Veritas from the allegation of physically stealing the diary, but they are allegedly still somehow involved with the story.

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This entire drama started back in June of 2020 with a troubled Ashley Biden. She was staying with an acquaintance in Delray Beach, Florida while recovering from addiction. When the news of her father clinching the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination broke, she told her male housemate (or landlord ?) that she was going to the Philadelphia area for a while and that she’d be back in the fall. Ashley left several items at the rental house, including the diary. The plan was that she would retrieve them once she came back.

Another woman moved into the same house after Ashley left. This person was allegedly a “Trump supporter” and a single mother of two kids. Her back story is that she had fallen on hard times and had nowhere to go. So she begins living in the rental. And of course, the mother finds Ashley Biden’s diary inside the house. She contacts a friend of hers who had “anti-Biden” posts online. They allegedly devised a plan to sell the diary. The (male) friend of hers contacted a person who was involved with a Florida GOP fundraiser organized by Donald Trump, Jr. The two friends brought Ashley’s diary to this function and showed it to a few people but it is not known who saw it and who didn’t, specifically. The daughter of the organizer then contacted Project Veritas and that is how they got into the picture.

Things progress with Project Veritas until the two friends take a trip to New York City with the diary in tow. PV allegedly wanted to acquire the diary and the number cited was $40,000. The plan was apparently to publish it right before the election. PV wound up actually not publishing it, although another conservative news outlet called The National File obtained the diary and published it themselves. It is not clear how the aforementioned news outlet got their hands on the diary but at least one or more PV operatives say that one of their own probably leaked it.

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