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SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson Cannot Define What A Woman Is

Supreme Court Justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was unable to answer a question about what a woman is during her recent confirmation hearings. To be specific, Brown Jackson was asked to define the word “woman”. The question was asked by Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee. It was a very straightforward and simple question that should have been effortlessly answered. True science has been able to get human biology down to the molecule. However, in today’s hyper-woke era when even things as cut and dry as “gender” are politicized, Kentaji Brown Jackson appeared to simply dodge the question altogether.

Ketanji Brown Jackson has quite a few other red flags associated with her. Social media was set ablaze after her comments about a child predator were revealed. Brown Jackson allegedly gave a very light sentence to a child predator because he apparently presented evidence that showed he was not a repeat, habitual offender. This evidence consisted of certificates and degrees. It was a very strange back-and-forth between her and Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri. Not many people would be willing to give what essentially amounts to a “pass” to a known offender.

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There is one very important thing Ketanji Brown Jackson said that both sides would probably agree with. And that is the fact that the issue of gender and gender identity is a very “hot” topic at the moment and will probably make its way to the high court. To be more exact, the most pressing issue is transgender women competing in sports against biological women. UPenn “trans-woman” swimmer Lia Thomas ranked 775th in time for the 500 free when competing against men. Fast forward just a couple of years, Lia Thomas ranks #1 in that very same race against women. This is simply unfair. Much of the left would reject any notion of removing Thomas from the women’s team even if there was another team created for transgender women. This is most likely the reason why Brown Jackson avoided that topic.

The issue of critical race theory also came up during these confirmation hearings. Ted Cruz pressed Brown Jackson about her role on the board of Georgetown Day School, a private school in Washington DC. Several books about Critical Race Theory written by Ibram X. Kendi (birth name Henry Rogers) are in the library at that school. Brown Jackson says CRT is a thing that’s taught in law school and she doesn’t know much about curriculum because that’s not what board members do. This doesn’t make sense considering the fact she spoke about CRT specifically in a speech. She explained the speech away by saying she was speaking about policy. Cruz countered that by saying she is (or was) the VP of the Sentencing Commission.

Much of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s speech was lawyerly word salad. Not much substance, just a bunch of fluff and deflection. This, unfortunately, has become the norm when watching hearings where the outcome for most everyone in the room is not seriously up for debate.

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