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Cori Bush Shares Horrible Abortion Story, Yet She Supports The Industry

Missouri House Rep. Cori Bush shared a harrowing story about an unwanted abortion that happened to her many years ago. She went to the clinic at age 19 for the abortion but began to have doubts while laying on the table. As she protested the abortion vocally by saying “no” repeatedly, the nurses and staff inside the room told her to calm down. They proceeded to pull out the abortive instruments and they carried on with the procedure. All of this happened while Cori Bush was actively protesting against it. This was her second abortion after her first one at age 17 due to becoming pregnant after a sexual assault.

The controversial House Representative vehemently supports the abortion industry. She supports repealing the Hyde Amendment, which currently bans federal dollars from being used to fund abortion. Bush also supports codifying Roe V. Wade into federal law. Her stance on abortion is crystal clear. If Planned Parenthood gives out ratings with five stars being the highest, Bush would most certainly have five stars with awards to go along with it. These are all confusing stances to have considering her terrible experience with the abortion industry. A person may think that her experience would turn her the other direction. Especially since she mentioned that she may have gone through that due to racism. But, alas, her political affiliation may supersede traumatic experiences in her own life.

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