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Kanye West Gives Tucker Carlson An Amazing Interview On Fox News

Kanye West, now known as “Ye”, gave Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson an amazing prime-time interview on the aforementioned network. Ye has come under scrutiny, again, for his most recent “stunt” at Paris Fashion Week. He appeared on stage with Candace Owens wearing shirts that had “White Lives Matter” on the back. Think pieces from all over the internet and mainstream media labeled Kanye everything from mentally unstable to an unrepentant racist. Ye has been making the rounds on podcasts and television to simply give his side of the story and to also speak about other things such as politics, his ex-wife, mental health, and life.


Daily Wire on Twitter: “[email protected]: “Days ago, during Fashion Week in Paris, @kanyewest, accompanied by his friend @RealCandaceO, unveiled a T-shirt that read simply ‘White Lives Matter.’ The response from the fashion industry and international media was…shock, horror, rage.”” / Twitter

Sharon Osbourne agrees with Kanye about ‘scam’ Black Lives Matter

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  1. He’s not wrong, but he’s still a money grubbing racist idiot using skin color for personal benefit. And I find it ironically hilarious that a disgusting “accidental” porn actress whore is besties with Clinton the impeached d-bag sexual deviant pedophile and his opportunistic hag of a wife. All three need to go away and disappear with their offshore tax evading “foundation” multimillion dollar “donations” and speech fees, youve already done far too much damage to our country. Pathetic.

  2. Bottom line here is he recognizes who got him there and where his ongoing billion dollar payday comes from. Hint hint, it aint black folk.


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