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Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd Advises Residents To Shoot Looters Into “Grated Cheese”

Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd told residents to shoot looters who invaded their spaces while they were at home. This message is in response to the reports of looters, many of whom are here illegally, taking advantage of property severely damaged by Hurricane Ian. Unfortunately, looters always surface during troubling times like this because they see an easy opportunity to take things that don’t belong to them. However, as both Grady Judd and Ron DeSantis have stated, Florida is a Second Amendment-friendly state. There is also the Castle Doctrine law. Looters must remember that about the state or else they will find an early end to life.

Some say that Grady Judd was advocating violence against people with his “turn them into grated cheese” remark. The sheriff was very careful with his wording, though. He spoke specifically to looters who invade residents’ homes while the residents are there. If a looter presents themselves in that fashion, they are an immediate threat that should be dealt with. The homeowner and/or resident of said property does not know what this looter has up their sleeve or what their actual intentions are. They could be at the home to steal basic home supplies, food, copper wire, or other things like that. So-called “looters” could also show up at someone’s home to take more… personal things. Like someone’s freedom or life.

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Florida Sheriff Grady Judd on Looters: ‘Shoot Him So He Looks Like Grated Cheese’ | Firearms Forever

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