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Crime Pays: Breonna Taylor’s Family Wins $12m Settlement

The family of Breonna Taylor has reached a $12 million dollar settlement in their wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Louisville, Kentucky. Breonna Taylor is a very popular figure in the current string of race-related “protests” across the nation. Everything Black Lives Matter protests to NFL pre-game musical performances have featured chants of “say her name” in reference to Taylor. She has become an icon of destructive forces due to the nature in which she lost her life.

Mainstream media, political figures on the left, general rabble-rousers in the street, ad normal people who don’t know any better echo a completely false narrative surrounding Breonna Taylor’s death. And this false narrative has fueled riots all over the nation for the past few months. The media say the police wrongly executed a no-knock warrant on Taylor’s home and then killed her in the bed while she was sleeping. Mainstream media and politicos also say that Breonna Taylor was an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). Reality is much different according to court documents and the account of her boyfriend who was in the home.

Twisted Web Of Lies

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Breonna Taylor was an EMT at a certain point in her life, but she was not an EMT by the time the police arrived at her home. A man was found dead in a rental car that was taken out in Breonna Taylor’s name and she was fired as a result of that. Breonna’s name was on the warrant police served on her home. Police did have a no-knock warrant but they did not use it. Court documents state that Breonna Taylor was involved with the drug game and that’s why there was a no-knock warrant approved for her home.

Court documents say that police knocked on the door to serve the warrant. Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend were not sleeping when the police were at the door. They were both in the hallway. The boyfriend shot first and through the door, alleging that the police did not identify themselves although the police say they did. Police returned fire on the boyfriend. He was not shot one time, but Breonna was shot eight times. It is possible that the boyfriend used Taylor as as human shield.

Change The Narrative

Another warrant was executed simultaneously on the drug house where Breonna Taylor’s car was seen multiple times by pole camera. Police recovered drugs and weapons from the house. There is no reason to use the case of Breonna Taylor as an example of “police brutality.” She was heavily involved with the drug game. The officers will probably not be charged because they did nothing wrong. This is probably why the Mayor hopped out in front of Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s decision to announce the financial amount of the settlement.

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  1. It is time for a cap to be placed on law suits as it pertains to police shootings. I am not saying there is a loss, I just feel like the awards are excessive. I also believe the police are considered to be guilty before any evidence is known. These excessive awards from municipalities cost the tax payers higher premiums then even higher property taxes. If there existed a cap
    on claims, those aggressive attorneys may not show up

  2. Agree caps are needed with caps bet you see a lot less lawsuits and POS like crap crump he could care less he wants his 33 1/3% and name recognition to move like a parasite to the next social media fueled lies shooting so that way the case is tainted and so much for the truth. I show proof to idiot family members she wasn’t asleep she phone transcripts etc but they are the braindead I call them the “say her name” flunkies

  3. And they agreed to that settlement because…..they felt sorry for the family, right?

    Bullshit. The authorities agreed to that enormous settlement because either/or:

    1. They know that any Jury would ream them sideways and award an even bigger settlement

    2. There are even more unsavoury revilations about the individual cops, their squad and the Police Management that would have been revealed in discovery.

    3. They ran out of “pin it on the victims” excuses.

    4. They can’t even use the “oh, we only settled because of the costs of a lawsuit” excuse because of the size of the settlement.

    TLDR. Every dollar of that 12 million settlement is an admission that they know they are guilty as fuck.

  4. I am in no position to say either way whether this amount is excessive, but I do have some questions about the article.

    Do you have links to any of these court documents about Breonna having been fired?

    Also, just because her car was found in a certain area does not mean that she had been driving that car. I am not proud to say this, but I have dated a guy in the past who I LATER LEARNED was a drug dealer. I had no clue. He had me present while he “visited family members” and I waited a few moments in the car only to later discover that he was dealing. I do not know the details of Breonna’s life, but it is possible that her ex-boyfriend was into drugs and she was clueless to the fact.

    You mentioned that they were not asleep but in the hallway. Where did you find this information? Do you have links to those facts? I have not heard this anywhere else. And if it is true, would that justify shooting her eight times? I think the suggestion that she was used as a human shield was a stretch used for dramatic effect.

    I can understand Peter’s position. I do not think the city would have paid this amount if they did not believe the officers to be guilty. Settlements get tied up in the courts for years and even decades sometimes. This seems like a payment made out of guilt.

    Overall, if you are going to try to convince people that this murder was not due to an abuse of power, please provide solid proof, not simply conjecture.

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