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Kamala AND Joe Both Said “Harris-Biden Administration!”

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden made the “mistake” of saying “Harris-Biden” administration instead of “Biden-Harris” during different stops on the campaign trail. Kamala Harris made her so-called gaffe first and immediately tried to fix it to say “Biden-Harris” because the President’s name always goes first in that context. Biden made his comments at a later date and did not appear to try and correct himself. There is one thing that both Kamala and Joe may have in common here. They both appeared to read from a teleprompter when they made their “gaffe.”

Mistake Or Not?

An opinion here is that these “gaffes” from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were done on purpose. And what would that purpose be? To get Americans prepared for an administration that does not involve Joe Biden. Everyone with a pair of eyes can see that Joe Biden is in decline. Its almost to the point of elder abuse. But the Democratic Party knows Joe Biden has the most name recognition and popularity due to his proximity to Barack Obama, having formerly served as his Vice President.

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The Democratic Party does not care how they enter the Executive Branch. They just want to be there. Even if that means dragging Joe Biden’s corpse across the finish line. There are even op-eds that praise Biden for his “corporeal presence” meaning… he is just a tool being used by the Democratic establishment. If Democrats are successful in getting Joe Biden elected, they would simply move him to the side by evoking the 25th amendment. Then they would install Kamala Harris as the next President.

Powerless Figureheads

A Harris-Biden presidency or an administration without Joe Biden at all would operate in the same fashion. The President would simply behave as a figurehead. The Democratic Party would do all of the actual governing. After all, why would the party corrupt enough to campaign for a corpse allow anyone sitting in the seat to actually control the nation? This is part of the reason why so much animosity exists for Trump on both sides of the political aisle. He is not the typical politician that allows others to pull his strings. He is no puppet.

Kamala and Joe are puppets. Now, it’s just a matter of which one will sit in the big chair if the corpse comes to life and succeeds.

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