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Daily Wire Co-Founder Ben Shapiro Refuses To Say Why Candace Owens Left

Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro refused to answer questions about the departure of star conservative pundit Candace Owens. Shapiro was fielding questions from Piers Morgan when the issue of Candace Owens popped up. Morgan tried to ask why Candace Owens left and under what circumstances, but Shapiro refused to take the bait and gave no hints. Shapiro said he is not in charge of hiring and firing anyone at the Daily Wire in his current position. That is a true statement, but also an obvious copout to avoid any responsibility for her departure.

Another Daily Wire pundit, Andrew Klavan, had a lot to say about Candace Owens and her departure on a recent podcast. He stated that the reason behind Candace’s departure was her anti-semitic dog whistling. Klavan mentioned Candace’s Twitter activity, saying that she shared an opinion about Jews drinking Christian blood, an old anti-semitic trope. Candace refuted that opinion on Twitter, saying that she “liked” a tweet that refuted something else that was said about her from a Rabbi who had been harassing her for the past two years.

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Candace Owens on X: “🚨 For the last week, my former colleague at the Daily Wire, @andrewklavan, has been spreading some inaccuracies about me that I view to be disparaging to my character. So let’s slowly unpack his claims here publicly…” / X

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