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Daunte Wright Accidentally Shot By Minnesota Police, Riots Ensue

Riots have broken out in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area after the Brooklyn Center police-involved shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright. Wright, who is black (or at least biracial) was driving in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota with expired tags and “something” hanging from his rearview mirror (possibly an air freshener). Police notice his tags and run his plates, they come back that Mr. Wright has a failure-to-appear warrant on prior charges of misdemeanor gun possession and fleeing police.

As a result of the warrant, and the bad tags, police pull Daunte Wright over. Body camera footage of the incident starts with Daunte Wright out of the car, probably because of the warrants. While Wright is being handcuffed, he squirms out of the arrest position and gets back into his car, possibly with the intent to flee again. This is the moment where things go completely bad for Mr. Wright and the officers involved with the arrest.

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One of the officers on scene pulled out a gun thinking it was a taser. In the body camera footage, she is clearly heard saying “taser, taser, taser”! Unfortunately, the officer did not have a taser out and pulled the trigger to the pistol in her hand, shooting Daunte Wright. Wright then drove off and crashed his vehicle a short while later, eventually dying as a result. It is not clear what charges the officer may face, but one thing this has done is inflame an already flammable situation in Minneapolis. The Derek Chauvin trial over the death of George Floyd is happening at the same time. Riots happened as a result of Daunte Wright and they are expected to happen depending upon the outcome of the Derek Chauvin case.


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