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Four States Ban Johnson And Johnson Vaccine After Severe Side Effects Reported

Four states “pause” the distribution of the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine due to a high number of severe side effects. The most recent case was in Forsyth County, Georgia which is about 45 minutes away from Downtown Atlanta. At this site, officials say the number of adversely affected was around 2% of over 400 recipients. The site was shut down out of “an abundance of caution”. However, if the “jabs” were to continue, more and more people would experience harsh side effects. This would obviously become a very serious problem.

Johnson and Johnson is no stranger to controversy related to the health of their consumers. As recently as last year, the pharmaceutical giant faced legal action due to their talcum baby powder causing ovarian cancer. As a result of the lawsuit, information has come out about J&J’s marketing and it does not look good. Apparently, J&J knew of the cancer risk posed to a specific group of women who used the product as an antiperspirant but they chose to market toward that group anyway. This group consisted of black women in the South and also overweight women in the same area due to the heat and humidity of southern states.

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Several celebrities have died within the past few months not long after receiving a vaccination of some sort – whether that be Moderna, Pfizer, or possibly Johnson and Johnson. The deaths of people such as Hank Aaron and Larry King are often dismissed due to their advanced ages. But then there is Marvelous Marvin Hagler who died at around 20 years younger than them after taking the vaccine. His death may be dismissed as latent damage from years of boxing. But then there are people like Midwin Charles, a 47-year-old woman who appears to have been in great shape for her age. The questionable deaths keep mounting and the answers aren’t really pouring in.

One of the key roadblocks of distributing the virus to the general public is a lack of trust from the people. There have been several missteps in the history of American medicine and many of these mistakes have happened recently… as in the past five years. Restoring the American people’s faith in medicine is a difficult thing to do, especially when vaccines are approved for use that four states wind up placing on the shelf. What does this say for other states that have not banned them?

If a person has confidence in the vaccination process, then they should be able to take it if they please. But no forced vaccinations from employers, airlines, or anywhere else should be allowed. Especially not after witnessing the side effects of the vaccine which could be worse than catching the virus itself.

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