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Dave Chappelle “8:46” Netflix Special Review: Light On Comedy

Dave Chappelle released a new special on Netflix entitled “8:46”. Although Chappelle is a comedian, the special didn’t have much to do with comedy. Reviewers on several different publications that gave the special positive reviews also say that comedy was absent. He spent nearly all of the half-hour special talking about police brutality against black men.

Where Does The Title Come From?

The “8:46” number comes from the amount of time that Derek Chauvin had his knee on George Floyd’s neck in Minneapolis. And of course, that particular incident sparked “protests” (riots) all over the world, especially in the United States. The number also happens to be the time Dave Chappelle was born as listed on his birth certificate.

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Chappelle spent most of the special complaining about police brutality. Or simply injustice towards young black men that causes other issues. George Floyd was the main subject, but others were brought up. Trayvon Martin, John Crawford, Eric Garner, and Alton Sterling were named. Dave Chappelle is known for having different or… common sense approaches to social situations. Like the Jussie Smollett hate hoax case. That didn’t really happen here. Chappelle parroted mainstream media talking points mixed with his very strong emotion towards the George Floyd incident.

Dangerous Rhetoric

He also provided excuses for black male killers like Chris Dorner, Micah Xavier Johnson, and Gavin Eugene Long. These men were not victims of police brutality. They enacted violence upon innocent people, including police officers, for various reasons. Chappelle appeared to lump them all together in the category of “oppressed black male” and cited that as a reason why they carried out their attacks.

“8:46” was more of a venting session for Chappelle rather than a comedy special. No jokes were told and it’s clear that there was no attempt to craft any. Chappelle was angry.

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Chappelle Attacks News Personalities

He attacked Candace Owens for telling the truth about George Floyd’s criminal past. Although she clearly stated that Floyd’s past has nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of the officer involved with his death. Chappelle let his emotions control him and he took it that way.

The legendary comedian also attacked Laura Ingraham for telling LeBron James to “shut up and dribble.” Again, Chappelle let his feelings take over. Some in the black community took Ingraham’s comments as racist, thinking that she believes black basketball players have no intellect and should stick to sports. But the reality is that she has a book entitled “Shut up and Sing” that came out in 2006. She has told a variety of celebrities to shut up and do XYZ rather than give their opinion on social issues and politics.


That sounds just like a joke Dave Chappelle told about rapper Ja Rule. To roughly paraphrase, the joke was about media contacting celebrities at very sensitive times about social issues. Chappelle punched it by saying “who wants to speak to Ja Rule at a time like this!?” Chappelle even repeated that line in his special as a defense against Don Lemon who chastised celebs for not speaking out about George Floyd. If Chappelle’s emotions were not so tangled up in Floyd, then he could see that.

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Most people who watch the special probably fall into a handful of categories. Either they agreed with what Chappelle was saying, they disagreed, they respected his right to say what he said, or some combination of all of the above. One thing that nearly everyone will agree on is that this comedy special was not about comedy at all.


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