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Day 1 Democratic National Convention (DNC) Recap: Cringe Fest!

The first day of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) is officially in the books. The entire event was virtual with prerecorded speeches. The actress Eva Longoria “hosted” the event and her duties as host essentially boiled down to introducing the next pre-recorded video. Special guests across the political spectrum from John Kasich to the headliner Michelle Obama appeared on-screen.

A Purpose Left Unfulfilled… Or Was It?

The DNC’s purpose is to have a convention centered around formally announcing the Democratic Party’s nominee for the Presidential Election. In the context of the 2020 DNC, this means that Joe Biden should have been the center of all speakers’ attention. But most of the speakers at the DNC spent time focusing on nebulous ideas and general Trump-bashing.

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Trump-bashing at the 2020 DNC was synonymous with lying. Or at least… misrepresenting personal opinion as truth. One young lady spoke about how her father died from the virus in Arizona. He was 65 years old and clearly obese, but she attempted to blame Trump because his response was not adequate enough. Another key talking-point lie from the left reared it’s ugly head at the DNC. And that is the “good people on both sides” comment from Trump in relation to the Charlottesville incident back in 2017.


Queen Deceiver

Headliner Michelle Obama repeated the lie about Charlottesville in her talk, which was a series of lies. The former First Lady said Trump spoke highly of good people on both sides in reference to white nationalists and their ilk. But in the actual talk that Mrs. Obama is referring to, Trump clearly denounced the people she said he celebrated. The media never seem to play that part of the clip, they only cherry-pick what’s necessary to push a narrative.

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Mrs. Obama continued to tell a few more lies, or at least, misrepresentations of the truth. She laid the blame for the “kids in cages” on the Southern Border at the feet of Trump when in reality, it was her husband, Mr. Barack Obama that was the President when the so-called cages were built. The picture below shows Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson touring the “cages” back when Mr. Obama was President.

Obama-Biden DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson defends putting children in “cages”

Conclude As You Begin

LGBTQ Entertainer Billy Porter wrapped up the night with a very strange performance in front of an interesting version of the American flag. Most people in America probably do not recognize what the red, black, and green colors Billy Porter’s flag represent. However, there is a pretty sizable pro-black and/ or black militant movement surrounding the flag. Homosexuality is not at all congruent with said movement.

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Billy Porter is simply just trying to push buttons. The end result of Porter’s performance was nothing but pure “cringe” which was a great way to encapsulate the entire first night of the Democratic National Convention.


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